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Capay Valley Ranches

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Producers of Premium California Olive Oils & Balsamic Vinegars!

Capay Valley Ranches – Premium Olive Oils, Nuts & Honey!

The Capay Valley is a tranquil agricultural area, located in the eastern foothills of the Coast Range, between the Napa and Sacramento valleys. Home to various farms and ranches, many of which are notably organic, the Capay Valley has a well-preserved natural beauty in its rolling hills, creeks and vistas, with a climate and soils that provide the ideal environment for growing some of California’s finest crops.

Family owned and operated, Capay Valley Ranches grows and produces olive, almond and walnut crops. Only olives grown on our ranches are used to produce our extra virgin olive oils. We grow several varieties using a high-density growing system which allows us to mechanically harvest and press within hours to produce the freshest and most flavorful olive oils that are rich in antioxidants. All of our oils are lab tested and certified as Extra Virgin by the California Olive Oil Council.

Our pure and natural honey comes from honeybees that forage on wildflowers growing in our valley foothills during the summer months. The lushness of the local flora produces a dark honey rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidant properties.

All of our crops are grown with the passion, pride and care of a hands-on grower.