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On our ranches in the Capay Valley, we grow four olive varietals—Arbequina, Arbosana, Koroneiki and Chiquitita.  Using a high-density trellis growing system, we are able to mechanically harvest our olives and press within hours to produce the freshest, most flavorful oils, rich in antioxidants.  All of our oils are then lab tested and certified as Extra Virgin by the California Olive Oil Council.
Whether they’re infused with fragrant herbs or sweet and tangy citrus fruits, our flavored olive oils give you a healthy way to enhance the flavors of any dish.  Pair them with our premium balsamic vinegars for delicious vinaigrettes, add them to your savory sauces and marinades, or drizzle them over your favorite pasta dishes for flavors that will delight your taste buds.
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  • The fresh flavor of baby spring onions roasted until they become sweet, while maintaining the ever-delicious onion flavor. This oil showcases spring’s fresh produce. It’s great for roasted vegetables, soups or salads, and fantastic as an accompaniment to a juicy grilled steak!
  • This full-bodied Greek varietal oil has a robust, peppery finish that lends unparalleled flavor to foods and makes it the perfect finishing oil on signature dishes.
  • This oil is fantastic for marinating chicken, steak or fish, and perfect for roasting potatoes and vegetables.  Drizzle it over pasta or brush it on bread when making bruschetta, toast or sandwiches.  When combined with our Aged Dark Balsamic, it creates a perfect blend for dipping bread.
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    This roasted garlic infused oil is perfect as a simple dip for warm bread or drizzled over fresh pasta.  It’s also wonderful added to tomato sauces, soups, mashed or roasted potatoes, marinades, roasted chicken, and grilled or roasted vegetables.  Try it drizzled over pizza or hummus for an afternoon snack.
  • This oil is perfect drizzled over seafood such as prawns or scallops, or tossed with cilantro & cabbage for a tasty summer slaw. Blend it with our D’Anjou Pear Balsamic for a sweet, citrusy vinaigrette.
  • Reminiscent of a fresh herb garden, this versatile cooking staple maintains a traditional taste that will add depth and dimension to many dishes without overwhelming them.  It makes the perfect addition to pasta, pesto, bruschetta, meat marinades and salad dressings. Pair it with our D’Anjou Pear Balsamic for a tasty vinaigrette.
  • Blend this unique citrus flavor with traditional Mediterranean dishes, adding a rich sweetness to pastas, salads, and red sauces. It is also excellent for baking, adding a hint of orange flavor to sugar cookies, oatmeal cookies, pound cake, and brownies. Use it on its own or pair it with our Cranberry Balsamic for a refreshing vinaigrette.
  • This especially versatile oil can be used for everything from grilling seafood or fresh vegetables to baking cookies and cakes. Pair it with our Elderberry Balsamic to make a citrusy vinaigrette, or add a little garlic and serve it as a dip for fresh steamed asparagus or grilled artichokes.
  • Our Capay Valley Arbequina is a fresh, delicate, extra virgin olive oil, with an intensity that offers a rich olive aroma with a smooth buttery flavor and a hint of pepper on the finish. This oil is meant to be used every day with all foods, whether you’re cooking, baking, or using it for the finishing touches on a special dish. We also use this extra virgin oil as the base for all of our other infused oils.
  • The Chiquitita olive is a new and distinct cultivar adapted for growing in high density orchards.  It is a cross between the classic Spanish Picual and Arbequina.  The result is a mild intensity oil, sweet and delicate, with floral notes and a hint of pepper on the finish.
  • A Spanish varietal, this oil delivers a more robust, nutty flavor with a peppery finish that pairs well with everything from bruschetta to chocolate, and is great drizzled over soups or meats.
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