Nestled between the Napa and Sacramento Valleys, Capay Valley is a tranquil agricultural region with a climate similar to the Mediterranean. Mild winters, long hot summers and nutrient rich soils provide the ideal environment for growing California’s finest olives and nuts.

Checking on new growth is a daily activity. We believe a hands on approach is needed.

Checking on new growth is a daily activity. We believe a hands on approach is required for the healthiest, freshest products available in the world. We are proud to deliver just that.


We produce three varieties of olives at our ranch: Arbequina, Arbosana and Koroneiki. Our extra virgin, cold pressed oil is made only from these olives grown in the Capay Valley. Using a special vine-grown system, we are able to harvest the olives quickly and rush them to the mill. The olives are harvested and crushed within hours to produce the freshest, most flavorful oil, rich in antioxidants— a cook’s ideal companion.


A Spanish varietal, this medium-bodied olive oil has a freshly cut grass-y flavor, floral undertones, and is great for salad dressing, cooking fish or dipping bread.


This full-bodied Greek varietal oil has a robust, peppery finish that makes the perfect finishing oil on signature dishes.


Also a Spanish varietal, this oil delivers a more robust, nutty flavor, that pairs well with everything from bruschetta to chocolate, and is great drizzled atop soups or steaks.


Our fresh Arbequina olive oil is infused with a variety of fresh fruit and herbs. Great with seafood, fresh steamed vegetables or paired with balsamic vinegar for citrus-y or herbal vinaigrette. Currently we have Meyer Lemon Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Blood Orange Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Basil Infused Extra Olive Oil. But we are always experimenting. Check online for other oils as they become available.


In addition to our traditional Balsamic Vinegar, we sell three ‘infused’ flavored vinegars, which include Eldeberry, Cranberry and D’Anjou Pear flavors.

Screen Shot 2013-11-22 at 4.28.25 PM Screen Shot 2013-11-22 at 4.28.05 PMALMONDS & WALNUTS

Our Wood Colony almonds are a unique variety with the fullest flavor of any of our Capay Valley Ranchgrown almonds.


Our pure and natural honey is from honeybees that forage on the wildflowers growing in our tranquil Capay Valley foothills during the summer months. The richness of the local flora makes a darker honey with more vitamins, minerals, and antioxidant properties.